Primerica Expands Bisys Contract

Finextra Research
Press Release, August 9, 2006

BISYS today announced that it has expanded its agreement with Primerica Financial Services (PFS), a company with whom it has had a longstanding relationship in the area of retirement services sales force support.

Moving forward, BISYS will supply Primerica with two key services — Internet sales training and the Advanced Sales Call Center (ASCC), whereby BISYS will provide ERISA support to clients.

The ASCC service allows senior BISYS ERISA consultants to participate in conference calls directly with Primerica's Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs) and Primerica's plan sponsor clients. This partnership allows the RVPs to access industry compliance experts during client calls, so they can focus on providing the strong investment advice for which they are historically known.

According to David Siegel, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of PFS Investments, "We are extremely excited to offer the retirement plan expertise of BISYS' ERISA consultants to all of our RVPs. This extra layer of support provides a valuable resource for RVPs regarding the ever changing, and oftentimes complicated, environment of retirement plans. This service gives our RVPs the increased confidence in providing the best retirement solution for our client."

Steve Christenson, vice president of BISYS Retirement Services, said, "Primerica's decision to make this service available to the representatives working directly with clients confirms Primerica's continued commitment to providing their clients with the information necessary to attain a more secure financial future."