Designing a Life of Substance

Premier Business Magazine, Fall 2007

Primerica offers people from all walks of life the opportunity to design the life of their dreams.

Renowned author and speaker Les Brown once said that to be an active force in our own lives, not only must we take charge of our own destinies we must design a life of substance to live our dreams.

Primerica offers a way for people to start dreaming again and take back control of their own lives. In fact, over 100,000 people are changing their destiny through the Primerica business opportunity. "The language of being your own boss is universal," says Primerica Co-CEO Rick Williams. "Having a desire to make a better life for your family needs no translation." But what astounds Williams the most is how diverse the face of their business has become. "Our sales force is a snapshot of America," he says.

Although Primerica representatives are diverse as far as industry and educational backgrounds, what amazes Co-CEO John Addison the most is their desire to call their own shots in life. "Success does not care whether you came from the poor neighbor­hoods of Brooklyn or the plains of Kansas City," Addison says. "Just like the founders of this company, our representatives have that same desire to be somebody, to do something great, to make a difference with their lives as well as the lives of their clients."

Williams adds, "The deepness of their desire astounds me each and every day. It's what gets me out of bed each morning to come to work."

Primerica's representatives come from all walks of life. They're coaches, construction workers, college professors, pastors, healthcare workers and stay-at-home moms. Although their stories are all different, they have something in common: the desire to make a difference — both in their lives and the lives of others. Today, many have the kind of security for their families they never dreamed was possible.

A Chance to Be Somebody
Brandon Neil of Utah used to work for a well-known credit card company and did construction on the side. A friend at his com­pany introduced him to Primerica and within six months he was working in Primerica full-time.

"Two things really caught our attention about Primerica," Brandon says. "The first is what Primerica does for families. More than ever, families are struggling to stay ahead financially, and it can cause great stress in their lives. We saw that Primerica had all the answers for these families and we wanted to help."

The other was the opportunity to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. "Primerica is willing to teach us exactly what to do and that was comforting to know," Brandon's wife Lexee says. "The risk to get into this business is small because you can start part-time and go as fast as you want. What you put into it is what you get out of it."

"Being a representative with Primerica is extremely rewarding," says Brandon, who is grateful for the direction Primerica has given his life. "Everyone wants to be somebody, but few people really get the chance," he says. "In Primerica the sky is the limit and it's a business where average people have a chance to do something great. If you're going to work hard throughout your working life, you may as well build something that can continue to pay you when you're done."

Leaving a Legacy
Arleigh Larson, a former farm-equipment dealer from Alberta, Canada, learned about Primerica 20 years ago when his good friend flew 2,000 miles to talk to him about it. "I didn't think it would be something that I would be interested in, but the more I looked at it, I could see the big picture," Arleigh says. "The fact that I could build a business and not have a lot of overhead appealed to me."

Today, Arleigh has built a business that has earned millions of dollars and has hun­dreds of clients that are on track for financial independence. "The big payoff is how I feel about what I do," Arleigh says, commenting about his efforts in helping people who are consumed with credit card debt and have little protection for their families. "Unless people get a road map and a goal for finan­cial independence, there is little chance that North Americans will enjoy their future in retirement," he says. "Primerica gives anyone willing to work a chance to build a business that will help them become financially independent – something they will be able to pass on to the next generation."

Championing a Cause
Like many leaders in Primerica, Brian and Lynley Mehmen of Wisconsin were Primerica clients before they got involved in the business. "We did a Financial Needs Analysis and found out that we had the wrong kind of life insurance, a balloon mortgage and little savings," Brian says, who, besides learning how much work he had to do on his finances was shown that he could make a good part-time income by helping other people with their finances.

A butcher by trade, Brian, along with his wife, ran a meat-processing company and knew what it took to run a business. However, they were intrigued by the thought of having an opportunity where they could grow a large business by helping other people the same way they were helped.

"Above all, giving people a chance to become debt-free became our cause," Lynley says. "There are so many middle-income families who know nothing about personal finances or how a balloon mortgage or adjustable-rate mortgage works, and it's hurting them. Primerica is all about financial educa­tion, and we are bringing it to a market that needs it more than ever."

Brian's and Lynley's advice to those looking into Primerica is straightforward: "If you are willing to accept responsibility for your own actions and have a desire to help others, this company is for you," Brian says. "Primerica is a place where you can be you. You don't have to be anything you're not."

The Power to Dream Big
Dreams are what keep hope alive. Without them, where would we muster the courage to better ourselves? What would we do if we didn't know there is more to life than getting up every day and going to a job we don't have a passion for doing?

Frank Codina of Florida had a mentor that challenged him to dream. "It was the turning point in my Primerica business," Frank says, who, before Primerica, worked stocking shelves for a local store in south Florida. "I had dreams in life but I never found a way to make them happen." Frank's mentor challenged him to make a "dreams list." "I realized that a lot of my dreams dealt with travel, so from that point on, my focus was to build my business so it would give me the time to travel and do the things that I wanted to do."

Now that Frank and his wife Marcela have everything they need, their focus has turned to helping others find the courage to dream. When Frank concludes a presentation, he re­minds people that they, too, can become suc­cessful, but it starts with a dream – a dream that Frank has turned into a high six-figure income. However, for Frank the money is just a vehicle that gives him the freedom he and his family now enjoy.

"What matters most is I have gained total freedom," Frank says. "Today, I can take off any month I want and will still get paid while I'm gone. The travel pictures I carry around are not to impress people with where I've been, but rather impress upon them the need for finding a financial vehicle that can allow them to live their dreams whatever they may be."

Thinking Outside of the Box
Jay Wright of Oklahoma comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Growing up in Oklahoma, his father owned farms, ranches and raised cattle. His mother owned a little convenience store in the small town where he grew up. "I learned the value of hard work and made a decision at an early age that I wanted to be rich," says Jay, who, at the tender age of 14, read Napoleon Hill's classic Think and Grow Rich. "I went to the library and typed in the word 'rich' and the name of the book came up," Jay says. Jay's first entrepreneurial venture was starting his own snow cone stand in high school, which helped pay his way through col­lege. But flavored ice wasn't the only product in his small but expanding enterprise: he also installed bubblegum machines in toy stores. "I learned quickly the importance of target marketing," Jay says, laughing.

Jay says that part of being an entrepreneur is thinking independently. "That's what I love about being involved with Primerica. We have the chance to think out of the box when it comes to helping people with their finances, as well as help them earn extra money with a company that is focused on their success."

One piece of advice Jay gives others is to I have a strong reason, or a "why" for starting their own business. "When we first started, I wanted to make enough money to help pay for my little sister to go to college." Jay says. "I was the first person in my family to graduate from college and I wanted to have enough money set aside for my sister to go if she wanted. That was all the motivation I needed to go make more money."

Jay and his wife Lyndi feel like they've just scratched the surface in what they can accom­plish with their Primerica business, and they are focused on helping build winners out of people. "If you ask I00 people what winning means, you may get 100 different answers," Jay says. "To me, winning is committing to do something you said you would do, laying it on the line and working hard to accomplish it. Primerica is building a legacy of winners, and we're excited to help with the cause."

Living a Significant Life
Jim Kocher of New Jersey, a former pastor, says there are a lot of opportunities to make money in the world, but there are not many where you are able to make a difference in the lives of others. "Our mission with Primerica has always been to help families become debt­ free and financially independent – helping people live a life of significance," Jim says. "With Primerica, it's not just making money that is important. We are making a difference in the lives of our clients by giving them the financial tools to put them on a path to getting out of debt. We are also changing the lives of average middle-income families by helping them earn extra money."

Today, Jim and his wife Mary are focusing their efforts on mentoring others to become successful, which is their greatest reward. "Seeing the lives of our teammates change financially and socially because of Primerica is so tremendously rewarding," says Jim. Another source of satisfaction to the Kochers is seeing their family flourish in the business. "Watching our son progress in the business has been a tremendous source of joy for us."
Primerica has also allowed Jim and Mary to send their children to the best schools in the country, as well as afford homes on both coasts. "We have a home on the East Coast and one in California where we spend 10 days a month because that's where our grandchildren are and we want to be involved in their lives," Mary says.

"In the end it all comes back to living a life of significance," Jim says. "With some opportuni­ties you have freedom of time, but you don't have any money. With others, you may have income and time, but you don't get to make a significant impact in other people's lives. With Primerica you get all three."

A Lasting Impact
Growing up where money was short in sup­ply, Keith Otto of New Jersey knew the value of a dollar. He also knew he wanted to make a lot of them when he got older. "When I saw Primerica for the first time, I saw an opportuni­ty to make a lot of money," says Keith, who, as a plumber, was already pulling in a nice salary and was hesitant to give it up. "I was making $70,000 as a plumber, which was a lot for a kid without a college education," Keith says.
After four years working part-time, Keith took his Primerica business full-time and today is one of the company's top earners.

But what brings Keith and his wife Danielle the most joy is their ability to help their family. Two years ago Keith lost his brother to cancer. What insurance didn't cover, Keith and Danielle were able to pay. Paying bills was one thing; it was the time afforded Keith to spend with his brother in the months previous to his passing that gives him the most peace. "For the last five months of his life, I was able to spend every day with him," Keith says. "I didn't have to worry about coming to my office. I was able to travel and to take him different places for treatment, anything to help him survive. Having those last five months with my brother will be a memory I will never forget."

Aside from family, Keith and Danielle have a lot of clients who have been helped by Primerica's services. The most recent impact was 9/11. "We lost some clients that were in the World Trade Center," says Keith. "Although we can't fathom the pain and suf­fering their families must have gone through that day, we were able to deliver a little ray of hope to them in the form of a check, for which they were grateful.

"Besides the impact we are having on the lives of people who are now on a path to getting out of debt and saving for the future, the biggest impact we can have is helping people join the business," Keith says. "At Primerica, you can have a business that, with some hard work and dedication, can make you financially independent. That's the biggest impact I feel we can have on people's lives."

Decisions from the Heart, Not the Pocketbook
"It's great to be with a company that you can always feel proud of what the company does," says René Turner of Georgia, a for­mer production supervisor turned Primerica representative. "I just believe 100 percent in what Primerica does to impact the families we serve." René meets with middle-income families every day and what she sees is hard­working people trying to do what's best for their families, but so many lack the knowledge about money. It can take a toll on their long-term outlook. "That's why our cause is so important, for we can give them the financial education – and a financial opportunity – to become debt-free and financially indepen­dent," René says.

René says the company truly lives up to its commitment in making the opportunity better today than it was yesterday. "Primerica gives us the opportunity to provide our family with options. My husband Mel's now pursuing a full-time ministry. And to have an 18-year-old daughter tell you that she wants to be like you is a big deal."

When it comes to why others should con­sider Primerica as a business opportunity, René says it's about positioning. "Most people live their lives where they have to say 'no' to the people they care about most and the things they like to do because the lack of money," says René. "If you are willing to work, develop people, really give of yourself, you can be in the 'yes' position and start to make decisions from your heart, not on the amount of money that is in your checking account."

Setting Priorities
Todd and Alisa Greer of Texas met while they were stationed in Italy serving in the Air Force. After moving to Dayton, Ohio, they bought a home that, according to Todd, was too expensive for them, which soon sent him off looking for a part-time job to help earn extra money. He found Primerica. "I felt like it was our one shot in life," says Todd. "It was a chance to build a business, have time and freedom, and, most importantly, being able to put God, family and business, in that order."

It's what Todd and Alisa do on a daily basis for people that excites them the most. "We have the chance to enlighten people and educate them on getting out of debt, setting financial goals and giving them a runway to accomplish those goals," says Alisa.

Alisa says getting involved with Primerica is more than just a way to make a great income – you also get the added benefit of learning to manage your own money. "People who join Primerica will better understand a mortgage, know how to decipher an insurance policy and be better prepared for a comfort­able retirement." says Alisa. "We always ask people how valuable would it be if you could open up any financial document and know if it's good or bad for you. The financial educa­tion you get with Primerica is better than any financial education in college because it's `real world' education and it's the difference between retiring one day and not."

Todd adds, "Since we have been a part of Primerica, Alisa and I have learned to be better parents, we've learned to be better leaders and have learned how to think differ­ently. I think in every area of our life we have improved, thanks to Primerica."

From the Gridiron to the Kitchen Table
Warren Powers of Maryland knows what it means to be battle-tested. He played five years in the National Football League and even played in the Super Bowl with Hall-of-Famer John Elway. When he retired in 1994, Warren went back to school and finished his college degree, in part to figure out what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

The NFL Players Association guided him toward Primerica: "What intrigued me about Primerica boiled down to three things," says Warren: "The first was the financial education aspect. I made a lot of money playing profes­sional football and I really wasn't educated on the best choices to make for my money. Secondly, I wanted to help people know how to get money working for them instead of the other way around. Third, was the excitement to get back to an NFL-type income and be in business for myself. I was used to making NFL-type money, a half-million dollars, and I believed Primerica was my best shot to get back to that kind of money."

Warren now tells his new team that rules for success don't change. "The things I brought from football are perseverance, mental tough­ness, being able to take a hit and get right back up and keep going forward," says Warren. "In order to grow, one thing I learned from the NFL is that the best players make the most money. And if you want to become a starter here in Primerica, you have to work just as hard. So I brought that work ethic to this busi­ness and that has paid dividends for me."

A Business Where You Call the Shots
When Omar Oropesa of Florida was look­ing into Primerica, he was a young man trying to avoid getting a "real" job. About ready to graduate college, he envisioned himself mak­ing a good living without having to wake up early to beat the rush-hour traffic. "I guess I joined the business out of laziness," says Omar, who has been nothing but the opposite. He now earns in the high six figures and is looking to help others do the same.

"I believe that the No. 1 crisis, besides families being in debt, is people are not making enough money," Omar says. "Most of their problems can be resolved if families had an extra $1,000 per month. Our No. 1 goal is to recruit and train our clients so they can help us spread the word." Omar also says if people could earn just $1,000 more a month they could not only put a large dent in eliminating their debt, but they could build savings for retirement and open up college savings plans for their kids. They could be on their way to accomplishing their goals. "Not earning enough money is the crisis that we are focusing on. Today, employers are not paying their people enough money," Omar says.

"With Primerica," says Omar, "you can own your own business where you call the shots. It's pretty rewarding now that I have a child and I don't have to rush off to work. I can hang out with him in the morning with my wife and that is a big deal for me. I'm just a happy guy, I work really hard and I love what I do. I wouldn't trade it in for anything."

Reached the Top of Your Pay Scale?
As a computer operator, Daryl Hawes of Oregon was paid $40,000 and that was the top of the pay scale. "In the beginning we were looking for extra money just to pay our bills," Daryl says. "My wife Connie was a stay-at-home mom, so we were broke. We joined Primerica out of desperation more than anything."

Twenty-three years later, Daryl and Connie are still with Primerica. "Primerica has been a company that can be trusted, a company you can believe in," Daryl says. "Anything they've ever talked about doing they have delivered. They have never compromised on doing what's best for the customer."

Today, with their needs met, Daryl and Connie don't have to think too much about money. Now it's all about reaching other people in need. "Primerica is really a self-improvement course," Daryl says. "We have grown in so many areas of personal development. In fact, the people who knew us before Primerica, who we have been out of touch with lately, have said they hardly know us now because we have changed. We have grown in every aspect of the business and it has changed our lives in every way."

Those who feel they might need experi­ence in the financial industry in order to be successful in Primerica can take solace in Daryl and Connie's experience. "We had no money, no experience and didn't know where to go to start a business," Daryl says. "For a very minimal investment, you have access to the mentoring and support of one the largest financial companies in the world backing up what you do. We feel there is just nothing out there that compares with what we do."

Finding Reward in Others' Success
When Shane Perry of California joined Primerica, he was 22, single and driving a delivery truck for a beer distributorship. Yet he was smart enough to look ahead and anticipate the kind of life he wanted to live. "I knew the day would soon arrive when I would have more responsibilities, and I knew the kind of life I wanted for my family when the time came. When I was approached to join Primerica, I jumped aboard."

Shane says Primerica is leading the charge when it comes to the plight facing middle­-income families. "We are one of few com­panies that will go out and sit down with the people who really need help the most and teach them how money works. There are not a lot of companies that will do that. Fortunately, the mission to save people from their financial problems is alive and well in Primerica, meaning that more people need our help more than ever."

Shane and his wife Dannene are so grate­ful for what Primerica has given their family. But equally as satisfying is seeing the lives of the people they have helped bring into the business change for the better. "We have a few teammates who were so unsure of themselves in the beginning, wondering if they could do it or not," Shane says. "And now they are earn­ing a few hundred thousand dollars a year and are well on their way to total freedom. And knowing that we had a little part to play in that is a big reward in itself."

A Quest for Opportunity
The opportunity to make an above-average income is one of the main reasons people join Primerica. But for Mike Sharpe of California, it was the freedom to be able to build a business with his own skills and personality traits that first drew him to Primerica. "With Primerica, you can be yourself," he says. "It doesn't matter who you are, where you started from or what mistakes you've made in the past. If you're an honest person, a hard worker and you want to change your life, you can build not just a great business, but will grow in ways you never knew possible."

The work Mike and thousands of other representatives are doing for average families is a badge of honor. "We're committed to middle-income families and are teaching them the fundamentals of money," says Mike. "We have created an entire army of people who are now out of debt and are putting more money away for retirement. Our team – and many others – are out helping thousands of people across the kitchen table, making their financial situations better. And that's a good feeling."

It's the relationships that have been forged that Mike says are the true reward. "My wife Marna and I have made such incredible friends since joining Primerica. It's incredible to have so many people focused on the same goal of helping people. We don't think of it as a job. It's a quest."

Going on 27 years in Primerica, Mike is more excited now than he ever has been. "I see a bigger future and more opportunity right now than I ever did at any time," says Mike. "I don't think I've ever worked harder."

The Power of Business Ownership
As a former owner of a bungee jumping business, Brendan Murton of Utah has always enjoyed the rush that comes with doing your own thing. "I'm not the kind of person who can work for somebody else," says Brendan. "When you work for yourself you only have to answer to yourself."

When introduced to Primerica, he thought they were looking for sales people. "When I found out that they were in the business of helping people and you could build your own business, that changed it for me." Brendan also liked that, with hard work, you had the potential to earn an unlimited amount of in­come, and that convinced him to give it a try.

In meeting with many families about their financial situations, Brendan says people cannot work any harder than they work now to get ahead. "There are too many people who have relied on a good job to maintain a middle-class lifestyle;" Brendan says. Middle class used to mean you could be a teacher or a policeman and support a family. But today, Brendan is seeing a lot of people with advanced degrees struggling to maintain a middle-class lifestyle. "Society says that in order to get ahead, you need an education and a good job," he says. "Business ownership, in my opinion, is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family."

One of the benefits of business ownership is it gives you the time to do those things you are passionate about. "One of my passions is flying," says Brendan, who a few years ago purchased his own small-engine plane. "I recently flew my boys to the Super Bowl and then down to Cancun," Brendan says. "Those were experiences I could have never done with my previous business. I owe all that I have to Primerica."

Celebrating Each Day
Ryan and Summer Silva of Oregon were the typical couple trying to make ends meet. Ryan worked the graveyard shift and would get home in the morning, just long enough to kiss Summer goodbye as she left for her retail job. "That was a big strain on our marriage. I worked five 12-hour shifts because we had to have the money," Ryan says. "We had a lot of debt, a first and second mortgage and a lot of credit cards with interest rates ranging from 14 to 23 percent."

Luckily, they were able to meet with a Primerica representative who put them on a debt elimination program that helped save them $400 per month. "Our representative helped us start an emergency fund. We also began investing and got the life insurance we needed. Now we are well on the road to paying off our home faster." Seeing the need for what Primerica offered, Ryan and Summer told their friends about their financial transforma­tion and soon were working in the business helping other families who were in their same situation. Soon they were making more money than they ever thought possible.

Their financial success couldn't have seen better timing. Six months into the business, both of Summer's parents were diagnosed with cancer. "That really drove us to work even harder because no one else in her fam­ily could help them because they had to be at their jobs," Ryan says. Although her parents passed away, Ryan says the comfort and sup­port they were able to give them will never be forgotten. "Summer was the only person in her family to go to every doctor's appointment and was hand-in-hand with them when they passed away."
Today, the Silvas celebrate each day they are given. "Each morning when we get up, we celebrate the fact that we are very fortunate to have a business that allows us to spend those precious moments with our family – moments that we don't take for granted."

Success for the Average Guy
Richie Falcone of Rhode Island is a self-proclaimed average guy. As a former carpenter and construction worker, he never thought an average guy like him would be able to amount to much financially. That's before he was introduced to Primerica. "The miracle for me was that Primerica could take an average person who really didn't have a clue about money and finances, train them in how money works and, with hard work and commitment, they could help them go out and make a high six-figure income," Richie says. "That's what sold me on the Primerica concept, because I was that guy."

To Richie, Primerica is a special company because of the people. "We care about help­ing our clients and our fellow representatives win," Richie says. "There's a deep concern about people wanting to help people win in this company. There are many in this company who could have retired years ago, but they are still actively working the business because they want to help others see the big picture for themselves and their family."

Richie says there are a lot of people who are not able to give their families every­thing they want to give them. "Many people settle with what they have because they don't think there's any other option," Richie says. "Everybody's just thank­ful that they have a job. But if you were in an environ­ment where you have a chance to get more out of life, many more people would jump at the chance. And Primerica is that company."

Delivering On a Promise
One barometer of the overall success of a company is its people. And when you have been at one company for 25 years, like Jerry Byer of Michigan has with Primerica, that says the company is doing something right. "As long as I have been here, Primerica has never asked me to compromise my moral beliefs or ethical standards," Jerry says. "They have delivered on every promise. That speaks volumes to the credibility of this company."

Jerry believes the payoff to being a represen­tative is that he gets paid well to help change lives. "The bottom line is, if you can feel good about what you do and have an opportunity to make a lot of money at it, then you have the ultimate situation," Jerry says. "We have a great opportunity because we do great things for people."

Jerry says the Primerica difference is in the life-changing education it offers families. "People are not poor because they want to be poor," says Jerry. "They are poor partly because they have not been taught how money works." Jerry says Primerica is successful for two reasons: what they do, and how they do it. "We offer financial solutions people need through a Financial Needs Analysis," says Jerry. "It gives families a program from which to work, a way to come to grips with dealing with their finances."

Jerry says his greatest reward since becom­ing a Primerica representative has been the quality of life he now enjoys. "I guess most jobs pay you for the job you have, not the job you do," Jerry says. "When you get to the point you are not making financial decisions based on money, I think that gives you a great quality of life."

Doing What's Right 100 Percent of the Time
What intrigued Cheryl Bartlett of California most about Primerica was that she saw a wholesome environment where she wouldn't have to play politics or kiss up to anybody to get a promotion. "I saw a place where I could play wide open, compete, have fun and build wealth for my family," Cheryl says. "What makes Primerica special is we do what is right, 100 percent of the time. And we give a different kind of person a chance to be able to have their own business and be their own boss, to be free and be independent."

Cheryl also says the financial challenges that families face today are more complex than years past. "When I was a teenager my father worked full-time and my mother was home every day when I got home from school. Today, both husband and wife are a part of the workforce, yet they are actually earning less, after inflation. That is leading many to subsidize their lifestyle with credit, getting them in deep holes they don't know how to get out of."

The crisis, Cheryl says, is families are not taught how money works. "In school, we can learn all there is to know about math and chemistry but we are not taught basic Money 101," she says. "People are very capable of learning the secrets to money – the same secrets the wealthy have known for years – if they were privy to the right kind of education. That's where we are helping fill the gap."

Cheryl is grateful to work in an environ­ment where she can become the best she can possibly be. "Yes, the money is great and has allowed me to do a lot for my family," she says. "But it's how I feel every day when I look in the mirror that counts the most. I know I have become somebody I can be proud of. I have worked very hard to become the kind of person people want to emulate; and that means everything to me."

What's Your Definition of True Success?
Growing up, Sebastien Beaudry of Quebec couldn't imagine doing anything but excelling in sports. "I was very bad at school," remembers Sebastien, "but I loved sports. I knew I wanted to be somebody, and I thought cycling semiprofessionally was the answer," he continues.
As a teenager and into his early 20s, Sebastien focused on getting better at what he thought was his ticket to success. But he soon realized there wasn't much money at his competition level, so he settled for a job at his local bank. "At the bank, they expected me to be serious about life and about business," Sebastien says. "I was young and just couldn't see myself doing that for the rest of my life. I wanted more for myself than being locked into a job." That's when he found Primerica.

"Before Primerica, I thought I needed to have beautiful cars, a nice home and other material things in order to be successful. I was focused on making myself happy and not so much on the people around me." He soon realized, however, that success in Primerica is more than having a great income and enjoying the benefits of financial freedom.

"Primerica showed me that if I wanted true success, I needed to stop focusing on what I wanted and start focusing on helping others succeed," he says. "I realized that all the great leaders in the company – the ones making great incomes and living their dream lives – were more excited about helping their team and the families in their community reach their goals than they were about their own dreams. I wanted to be like them!"

Together with wife Kathie, Sebastien is determined to share the same opportunity that changed their lives with as many people as possible. "Everyone has a 'moment' when their life changes," explains Sebastien. "It's one thing to miss that moment because you didn't make the decision. It's another to miss it because you didn't know about it!"

It Starts with Leadership
For his entire life, Bill Whittle of Louisiana has been in the business of developing people. For years he was a high school teacher and head basketball coach. When he turned his attention to starting his Primerica business, the rules for success were the same, only the venue was dif­ferent. "In Primerica, you are still coaching," Bill says. "It all starts with leadership. Every skill in your arsenal is focused on how to bring people from where they are to where they need to be."

Bill says coaching is nothing more than people development. "Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers, said the job of a coach is to breed belief in your players. It's no different at Primerica. It's also about teaching the fundamentals and being patient with them while they develop."

The one thing that everyone wants is a higher quality of life, and that comes down to two issues: time and money. Bill had neither as a coach. "I didn't ever see that changing over time in that profession," Bill says. "That's why I made the change, and I'm so glad I did." "When I got started in Primerica, teachers were struggling and they are still struggling," Bill adds. "Having a job is not good enough. In today's market nothing is secure. Part-time income once was a luxury. Today it's a practi­cally a necessity. Having your own business is something you almost need to do if you want the life that you really want to have."